Paul Gray, Parkour Earth’s last transitional director, retires.

Paul Gray, Parkour Earth’s last transitional director, retires.

Paul Gray, Parkour Earth’s last transitional Elected Director has retired following the end of his transitional term. At the Parkour Earth AGM on December 8th, Paul was thanked for his contributions to Parkour Earth and commended for his services to the international and South African community where he resides.

Paul has issued the following statement:

“I would like to thank everyone involved in setting up Parkour Earth. It has been a privilege to be a part of the process and learn from Eugene and Damien about truly good governance.

Being a leader of my own community has allowed me to implement governance policies and insights learned from being a part of the Parkour Earth Board. This will ensure the success of the South African parkour community going into the future.

I believe the parkour community will bring a new form of clear and clean governance to a sporting community that is in the throes of reinventing itself. I implore the Board to maintain its open frame of communication and openness to new ideas. I think there is a vast untapped possibility of bringing governance transparency through digital means of communication and information sharing.

All the tools are available to bring the community together through technology and a primary principle of ADD, the sharing of experience and knowledge through working together. 

I believe Parkour Earth should continue to aim at finding a way to help communities grow and develop by providing the international network of communication, knowledge sharing, and trade of experience through the culture of bringing people together to their movement stories. Parkour is not just an expression or pragmatic use of movement, it is also a system of exchange; An exchange of emotion, action, and knowledge of human movement.

I wish the Board well in their endeavours to grow and develop the parkour industry and culture.”

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