Parkour’s lack of inclusion in the Olympic programme one of many highlights at Parkour Earth AGM.

Parkour’s lack of inclusion in the Olympic programme one of many highlights at Parkour Earth AGM.

Parkour Earth held its AGM on December 8th via digital methods. The AGM, originally set for July was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic but needed to be held no more than 18 months after the previous AGM.

The date of the AGM turned out to be serendipitous, with Parkour Earth and its member federations celebrating the news that parkour would not be included in the Olympic programme for Paris 2024, following an earlier submission to the IOC to reject any application for parkour by FIG, the International Gymnastics Federation.

Although unknown what impact Parkour Earth’s letter to the IOC had on the outcome, member federations were appreciative of Parkour Earth’s continued attempts to protect and serve the global parkour community.

Other highlights:

  • Members gave updates on their work since the last AGM and the challenges they have experienced and overcome during the global pandemic.
  • Members were unanimous in approving amendments to Parkour Earth’s Constitution proposed by the Parkour Earth Board. Changes included:
    • Modifications to the requirements for nominees for Elected Director to enable a more diverse and less overworked pool of nominees and
    • another tier of membership to enable organisations in nations without a national federation (and who cannot or will not form one) to build relationships with Parkour Earth.
  • Review of Parkour Earth’s Global Engagement project and the next steps regarding development of Parkour Earth’s strategic direction.
  • Paul Gray, the last transitional Elected Director from Parkour Earth’s formation, retired following the end of his term.
  • Commitment from Parkour Earth to support the members desires to increase their communication and collaboration with one another.

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