Parkour Earth welcomes the United Statues Parkour Association as Affiliate Members

Parkour Earth welcomes the United Statues Parkour Association as Affiliate Members

Parkour Earth is pleased to welcome the United States Parkour Association as Affiliate Members, following completion of our membership process and their application being approved by the Board.

USPK Executive Director Adam Kozy stated, “We’re absolutely thrilled to be joining Parkour Earth as it partially inspired the creation of USPK here in the States, and sprang out of a necessity to organize the community in the face of adversity. This has been a long time coming and we can’t think of a better time to show solidarity with the international parkour community than when the world is in crisis mode; we’re truly all in this together.”

Of the United States Parkour Association he said “USPK is committed to transparent governance and serving the needs of the community as the sport and philosophy grows into something much larger. We look forward to contributing to PKE’s mission however we can.”  

Dr Damien Puddle, Parkour Each CEO, said “We’re thrilled that USPK has joined Parkour Earth and that we get to work more closely with the parkour community in the United States. There are so many high calibre people doing phenomenal work in the USA for the parkour community – locally, nationally, and internationally. We’re excited to be supporting USPK and partnering more closely with them to further empower those wonderful people and initiatives.”

Following the formal launch of the application process to join Parkour Earth, we continue to work with various National Federations (both those recognised by government and those that aren’t) and organisations/communities trying to form a National Federation.

For further information on joining Parkour Earth see the front page of our website. Follow the instructions within each form and once complete, return both to Parkour Earth with the necessary supporting documents. If you have questions or need help in completing the forms please contact us for support.

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