Parkour Earth welcomes Swiss Parkour Association as Affiliate members

Parkour Earth welcomes Swiss Parkour Association as Affiliate members

Parkour Earth are please to welcome Swiss Parkour Association as Affiliate members, following completion of our membership process and their application being approved by the Board.

Following the formal launch of the application process to join Parkour Earth, Parkour Earth continues to work with various National Federations (both those recognised by government and those that aren’t) and organisations/communities trying to form a National Federation in a territory where there is no national federation or organisation recognised by and/or in membership with Parkour Earth, to continue to provide support and encourage applications join Parkour Earth.

We ask the International Community to hear this call to action and embrace, engage, support, shape and own Parkour Earth as your International Federation and to help lay the foundations for a deeper level of integrity, transparency and good governance throughout our sport and community.

For further information on  Membership Application and Membership Agreement forms, these can be found on our website. Follow the instructions within each form and once complete, return both to Parkour Earth with the necessary supporting documents. If you have questions or need help in completing the forms please contact us for support.

Membership Levels (as recorded in the Constitution);

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