Parkour Earth Partners with the Movement Card

Parkour Earth Partners with the Movement Card

Parkour Earth is excited to announce a partnership with Ukemi and Parkour Outreach to internationally develop their Movement Card project.

The Movement Card is a grassroots initiative to support practitioners, authorities, and the public regarding rights and privileges of moving in public space. This initiative, whilst sharing knowledge and supporting practice in participating countries (which in turn will support those who travel to and train in such countries), it also provides a platform to try to develop what ‘best practice’ might look like, a global movement card if you will. This will support the process of communicating how and why parkour (and other activities that make creative and productive use of public space) should be valued and empowered throughout the world.

This project aligns with our mission to be an international sports federation that cares for and is connected to everyday practitioners. We are inviting and encouraging all communities around the world to start the Movement Card journey together. 

Contact us or our friends above to get started on the journey and ask any questions you have.

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