Parkour Earth Launches Global Engagement Project

Parkour Earth Launches Global Engagement Project

Today Parkour Earth is launching a global engagement project to collect the voices of the global parkour community to help shape the image, processes, and actions of the organisation.

Around the world, there is increased scrutiny on international sports federations to uphold the principles of good governance. Yet despite this call to action, we continue to see unnecessary bureaucracy and lack of transparency at one end of the scale, and even corruption and crime at the other. In all cases, participants and athletes themselves are often left out of the discussion; ignored, or not empowered to effect change within the organisations that claim to represent them.

So what would an international federation look like if it actually listened to and was connected to the voices of its grassroots community? What if that kind of inclusive communication was central to its operations?

Parkour Earth is in the unique position of capturing international voices and establishing that style of engagement early in its development. In the world of international sport, this project aims to push the envelope on how international federations communicate, empower, and represent their community. In the world of parkour, this project aims to ensure that representation at the international level is authentic, accessible, and embodies the spirit of parkour.

Share your voice with Parkour Earth.

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