Parkour Earth Global Engagement

Parkour Earth Global Engagement

One of the reasons Parkour Earth was founded was the urgent need to amplify the voices of national federations contesting the claims being made by the International Gymnastic Federation.

This continues to be a factor, however, the other important reason was establishing a democratic international platform built by the community at large. We are passionate about ensuring that Parkour Earth is holistic in its goals and the way it operates. In order to truly support, develop, and represent the international parkour community, we are seeking to engage all facets of the community.

We want to create a concrete vision for the organisation that aligns with the diversity of views from across the globe. To capture and integrate inputs from all the different actors of the community, we need to identify the best way of engaging and connecting with you, the global community, in a way that works for you and makes you feel rightly represented and supported by us.

Connecting people in a democratic way is at the core of parkour practice, and this is why we launched a global community engagement process.

The summary report and all of the online engagement sessions mural boards are available below.

How to Participate

This process will involve multiple online engagements through a number of platforms to allow for engagement with as many people as we can:

  1. Online workshops (Register below). Initially facilitated by ThinkPlace (who have been volunteering with parkour organisations for a number of years), and any subsequent meetings by the Parkour Earth Board.
  2. Online survey. The initial survey is in English and we welcome your support in translating it into more languages. We will update the list below as translations are made:
    1. English
    2. Español
    3. Deutsch
    4. Türkçe
    5. Polski
    6. Français
    7. Ελληνικά
  3. Other interactions as necessary (e.g. live interviews). This will depend on demand and exploring appropriate ways to capture your voice. Got an idea for how to interact with you? Or just want to tell us your thoughts about Parkour Earth in general? Message us by using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Online Workshop Registration

To register for an online workshop (facilitated via Zoom), choose the category that most fits your position within the parkour community, and follow the associated link (NOTE: Some organisations and people were invited directly – see below).

Please note, there is a cap of 20 participants per workshop, so registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. With that in mind, if you know someone who can represent your ideas well, consider passing on your thoughts to them and leaving a spot open for someone else.

We recognise that not all timezones align with the initial workshops, so we will be scheduling additional ones in August.

The initial four workshops will be facilitated in English, and we welcome your support in facilitating additional workshops in more languages.

Gender and Sexual Minorities

  • This session is for any individual who identifies with any gender or sexual minority (or any organisation working with such individuals in the parkour community).

September 21st: 7pm-9pm CEST (UTC/GMT +2)

Meeting Complete – View Recording

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  • This session is for individuals and organisations from French-speaking nations.
  • Cette session s’adresse aux particuliers et aux organisations des nations francophones.

September 23rd: 7pm-9pm CEST (UTC/GMT +2)

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  • This session is for individuals and organisations from Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Esta sesión es para personas y organizaciones de países de habla hispana.

September 28th: 5pm-7pm CEST (UTC/GMT +2)

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Previous Workshops


  • ANY national parkour federation. Consider sending a single representative.
  • NOTE: Invitations have been sent to Parkour Earth Member Federations and all other national federations we could find contact information for.

July 21st, 7am-9am UTC

Meeting Complete – View Recording

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  • Content creators, personalities, and teams. Consider sending a single representative.
  • NOTE: We asked JimmyTheGiant, MÜV Mag and Shaun Wood to each give us a list of some of the top 20 parkour influencers. We’ve invited everyone on those lists to participate.

July 23rd, 7pm-9pm UTC

Meeting Complete – View Recording

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  • Parkour businesses of any kind (e.g. gyms, apparel, media, etc.). Consider sending a single representative.
  • NOTE: Because of the number of parkour businesses around the world we have not sent any direct invitations.

July 29th, 7pm-9pm UTC

Meeting Complete – View Recording

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  • Anyone!
  • NOTE: Naturally, no direct invitations have been sent. That what be madness!

July 31st, 7am-9am UTC

Meeting Complete – View Recording

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To inquire about joining Parkour Earth, to ask a question not in the FAQ,
or for any other inquires, please use the contact form below.

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