Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020

As per our Memorandum & Articles of Association, 31.1 An AGM/General Meeting is to be called by at least 30 clear days’ written notice. A General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 21:00 NZDT (08:00 UTC) online in various locations via Zoom (a link will be provided to members not less than 7 days […]

Parkour Earth Appoints Mikkel Rugaard as Independent Director

Following an extended global public recruitment process, the Parkour Earth Board has appointed Mikkel Rugaard of Denmark as an Independent Director* for an initial four-year term. Mikkel has been involved with parkour since 2005, growing up with the ethos and values of, and a close personal relationship to, the Yamakasi founders. He has a physical […]

Independent recruitment deadline extended

During the initial recruitment round, expressions of interest have been received and some initial prospects have unfortunately had to withdraw. Parkour Earth has a desire and an obligation to seek greater diversity of its Board, and therefore, the deadline for Independent Director applications has been extended until October 18th, 2020. See the original post for […]

We are recruiting two Independent Directors

We wish to recruit up to two additional Independent Directors on an initial 4-year-term and are now inviting applications. Our Independent Directors are appointed by the Board Nominations Committee (Independent Chair, Independent Director, Elected Director & CEO) based on who meets the skills and experience we are seeking. In order to apply for this role, you […]

Parkour Earth Launches Global Engagement Project

Today Parkour Earth is launching a global engagement project to collect the voices of the global parkour community to help shape the image, processes, and actions of the organisation. Around the world, there is increased scrutiny on international sports federations to uphold the principles of good governance. Yet despite this call to action, we continue […]

Parkour Earth Partners with the Movement Card

Parkour Earth is excited to announce a partnership with Ukemi and Parkour Outreach to internationally develop their Movement Card project. The Movement Card is a grassroots initiative to support practitioners, authorities, and the public regarding rights and privileges of moving in public space. This initiative, whilst sharing knowledge and supporting practice in participating countries (which in turn will support those who […]

Introducing the Parkour Earth Board – Paul Gray (South Africa)

Who are you?I am Paul Gray, 36, from Johannesburg in South Africa. CEO of Parkour South Africa, Director of Concrete Foundation Crew Parkour Academy (CFC), parkour coach, and personal trainer. How did you get into parkour? I was first introduced to Parkour through an old school friend in 2005 but only started training seriously in 2007 at […]

Parkour Earth welcomes the United Statues Parkour Association as Affiliate Members

Parkour Earth is pleased to welcome the United States Parkour Association as Affiliate Members, following completion of our membership process and their application being approved by the Board. USPK Executive Director Adam Kozy stated, “We’re absolutely thrilled to be joining Parkour Earth as it partially inspired the creation of USPK here in the States, and sprang […]


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