Introducing the Parkour Earth Board – Travis ‘TJ’ Ranson (Australia)

Introducing the Parkour Earth Board – Travis ‘TJ’ Ranson (Australia)

Who are you?
I am Travis ‘TJ’ Ranson, 29, and based in Adelaide, South Australia

How did you get into parkour?
I’m one of the ones who’s first contact was the “B13 Chase Scene”. After a little bit of forum posting (as a 15-year-old in 2006) I caught the bus into town to meet a man from the internet alone in a random alleyway – and the rest is history.

How have you been involved in your national community?
I watched the formation of the Australian Parkour Association with great interest during my first year of training. I took a strong interest in community organising from the start and a few years later (once I was 18) was elected as the representative for my state and brought formal classes to my city. Since then I have served consistently on the board of the APA, including as President last year. I have had a strong presence nationally in developing instructors and implementing good community-driven governance.

Why are you invested in Parkour Earth?
I am passionate about the Parkour community themselves having determination and ownership of the structures that govern them. I am equally passionate about the formal organisations we build striking the right balance between authenticity (to Parkour practice) and their need to seek legitimacy (from governments, authorities, etc). Having input into Parkour Earth in these formative stages is a chance to shape the future of global understanding and connection within all the various Parkour-related practices, plus an excellent chance to learn what people around the world are doing really well, and share those learnings.

Ultimately, I want to see Parkour/etc be the best that it can be, so that as many people as possible can have the chance to experience it.

Photos by Pippa Samaya, Frazer Dempsey, and Grant Webster. Used with permission.

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